Shop Opening!

I am so excited to be able to offer these baskets in my shop beginning Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 10am cst! I think they are so cute and useful- functional art! I love using them for my knitting and also around my home.

They are Fair Trade and handmade in Ghana by artisans, primarily women, to support their families using locally grown straw, so you can feel really good using them. By purchasing a basket in my shop, you are greatly helping the weavers in Africa.

Bolgatanga is the largest town in the Upper East region of Ghana, 20 miles from the border with Burkina Faso and near the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. Although the soil is fertile, the sun blazes all through the dry season, making agriculture very difficult. These baskets provide much needed funds for thousands of families in the region, and today a large percentage of the villagers weave these baskets as their main income.

In my first shop update, I will have two sizes of round baskets. The Small Round Basket is great for a couple of sock projects or a shawl project. It measures 6"- 8" diameter x 5"- 6" tall (measurement does not include the handles.) The Medium Round Basket is great for a sweater project or several smaller projects. It measures 11"- 14" diameter x 7"- 9" tall (measurement does not include the handles)

Both baskets are very useful for household and personal items as well. I rarely have pockets large enough for my phone, so I like being able to keep my phone, a comb, lip balm, lotion, etc with me in my basket. I generally carry one up and down the stairs daily. Use them anywhere you want to add a bit of coziness and interest- holding hand towels, books, magazines, plants, or dare I say it, yarn.

I hope to continue adding various sizes and shapes of baskets to my future shop updates. I hope you find one or more that you love! ♥ Link to the shop. I have some videos here in my Diary, if you’d like to check those out before the shop opens tomorrow.