Sweet Shop Socks

This design for Sweet Shop Socks formed in the back of my mind for awhile, and I was so happy when I was finally able to knit them and see them turn out just as I had imagined.  This is a really easy pair with special touches and loads of texture!

I included three sizes in this pattern- 7” / 18 cm, 8” / 20 cm and 9” / 23 cm circumferences.

I especially love the braids on this pair! They are super easy to make, in case it is new to you. I included step-by-step instructions and a helpful photo. It is just knit and purl stitches- nothing hard.

There are also step-by-step instructions for the easy bobble stitch that is used on the cuff that adds so much texture to this pattern.

The heel is a variation of a slip stitch that creates a subtle diamond pattern. The toe has two rows of two-color knitting, so it is great for a colorwork beginner.

The socks are worked top-down with both written and charted instructions.

Be sure to check out the beautiful socks on Ravelry made by an amazing group of sweet and talented test knitters!

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