Socks for My Husband

I try to keep my husband in handknit socks, even though he wears a size 13 shoe. (My son’s feet are even larger!) They are usually plain, boring socks that I keep in my purse for something to do at odd times. So that actually makes them take even longer to do. If they aren’t inspiring, it drags, right?

So, I am now knitting a pair of Cozy Natural Socks for him. I finished the first sock in six days, which is a record for his socks!!! I do plan to add a larger size to this pattern, but this time instead of casting on more stitches, I just used larger needles than I usually do for his socks. That did make it go fast! I am keeping my notes on my Ravelry project page in case you would also like to try this! ♥

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